From the recording Sweetness

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Work it!Work it!

Minding me own business
This sexy gual begged and insist
Come lets have a dance
With a little touch a dry romance
She backed me in a corner
Unleashed her wicked bumper
As a victim I surrender
As she worked over me fender

Wuk it wuk it
Wuk it wuk it
Wuk it wuk it
Wuk it wuk it
She took it down
Turn it around
She cock it back
She push it back
Wuk it wuk it
Wuk it wuk it
Wuk it wuk it
Wuk it wuk it

Ciroc got we head nice
We were in paradise
Riding each others waves
Real wotless and a misbehave
She put her left between mine
Rocked back and start to slow whine
Ge me de wickedest ride
Front, back and side-to-side

Pitch-dark inna de place
And we both pelting waist
Selector played her favorite song
From that it was on and on
She held on to me tighter
When she felt the stiff stiff cobra
Whole body starts to quiver
Wet up from all de pleasure

It is so amazing hearing the variety with such authenticity”

— Louis Farrakhan