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Set List of songs We play these songs depending on the occasion and always have a song for everyone. 33.9 KB

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Soca and Afrobeats cover songs


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 "What an amazing way to end the African World Festival this year.You guys brought the house down!You were awsome"
Engia Kai,Director for the African World Festival

"In solid rotation here,the people in Cayman's love your music keep sending the good vibes"
Susan Watson Radio host,Radio Cayman

"You guys are awsome,you rocked the place"
Alexander Zonjic

"so much energy,the people love you,by far the best this weekend'
Adam,Concert of Colors,Detroit

"you all guys are wonderful"
Calypso Rose

"You guys jammed today,everything was just perfect"
Ron Mosquitel,Jamaica Tourist Board

On the Rock

Live Life the new CD album  

The new smashing album by Universal Expression is an excellent piece of work.People are gravitating to tracks like Live Life,Move that body and Count my Blessings.The Live life t- shirt is a hit as well.The Ladies version has glitters and it is real pretty in black with white glitter and now in various colors and styles.The men T-shirt commands attention with its bold and in your face design.Please treat yourself to one or all of these items.

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