1. Hold on me

From the recording Sweetness

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Hold on me

Ever since the day I met you
Girl like you give me voodoo
You cast a spell on me
That got me going oh so crazy
Every thing I say and do
Some how leads right back to you
Ah just can’t be
Without you baby

You really got a hold on me
You got a hold on me
You really got a hold on me
You got ah hold on me
You got that touch
I love so much
I got a crush
You give me a rush
I ‘m a lush
You fill my cup
ooh luscious
You’re so gorgeous

So Irresistible
So insatiable
Just irreplaceable
There’s no me without you
You’re my love and my best friend
My whole life I want to spend
Loving precious moments
Until the end

Such a treat
From head to feet
So dam sweet
Can’t be beat
You got that heat
That makes me weak
Between the sheets
I’m complete

Baby girl when we make love
It’s like hand in glove
Your foreplay divine
Just explode my mind
I love the way you that you taste it
The grace with which you ride it
The way you work it
And get in to it

Your telling hips
Tight muscle grip
Honey lips
I can’t resist
Whether on top
Or from the back
That’s the smack
You are all that

It is so amazing hearing the variety with such authenticity”

— Louis Farrakhan