1. Jim

From the recording Sweetness

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A whole lot of women
Claim the tired of men
Whoy! whoy!
The don’t really need them
Since they find their new best friend
A real friend indeed
In their time of need
When they body’s calling
They reach for the bullet Jim

Jim ooh Jim
Jim ooh ooh Jim
They want the bullet
Hit they target
They want the bullet
To hit they target
Jim ooh ooh Jim
Jim ooh ooh ooh Jim

A good man is hard to find
And most a them are waste of time
Whoy! Whoy!
One big bag of promises
Lies and excuses
Whoy! Whoy!
He’s always available
Trusting and dependable
Three times and four times
Bullet blowing their mind

The say that nothing sweeter
Than the butterfly or tickler
Whoy! Whoy
And one called the wishbone
That put them in ecstatic zone
Whoy! Whoy!
Different color and texture
Size, speed and flavor
Even some that glow
That makes their juices flow

It is so amazing hearing the variety with such authenticity”

— Louis Farrakhan