1. Kick the man

From the recording Sweetness

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Kick Him

Gual why you put up with his shit
In this dead end relationship
Being true loving and kind
Wasting all your precious time
He cheats on you
He beats on you
He lies to you
Gual this is what you should do

Kick the man to the curb
Kick the man to the curb
Kick the man to the curb
Kick the man to the curb
He makes you mad
Treat you bad
Always a flirt
He dish you dirt

Why you stay and take abuse
While there is more fishes in the sea to choose
You treat him like a king
Yet he treats you like nothing
Disrespect you
He neglects you
Won’t take you out
Gual it’s time to change the rout
Repeat first part of the chorus
He won’t treat you right
Won’t stay home at night
Open your eyes
Take my advice

Wake up and smell the coffee
Instead of living there in misery
No love no care no commitment
Like pulling teeth to get a complement
You’re sad and lonely
Always unhappy
When you’re in bed
The good for nothing dead, dead, dead

Stop being used
And abused
You deserve more
Show him the door

It is so amazing hearing the variety with such authenticity”

— Louis Farrakhan