1. Fun

From the recording Sweetness

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It’s carnival time again
Big bacchanal sun or rain
Whole heap a fun in the burning sun
Playing we self and getting on
Done set and me ready
To loose de party animal in me
This is the time to free we mind
to a real good time

Jumping behind the truck
Winning and wukking up
King and queen de mass gras
Soca monarch and panorama
Real high, me head gone
Under me trees and me rum
Big Soca pumping in me vain
Good vibes driving me insane

It’s fete after fete
A change a bite and a fresh
Jouver't morning on the road
Party people overload
Ladies looking fine
Eye candies so divine
Splendid costumes parading
Rags and flags waving

It’s time to have fun ! fun
It’s all about fun! fun
Just a little bit a fun! fun
Fun can’t done! done! done
Jump up jump up and get on bad
Jump up jump up like you mad
Jump ! jump! Jump and wave
Get on bad and misbehave
Wave you hands in the sky
Wave the high wave them high! High ! high ! high

It is so amazing hearing the variety with such authenticity”

— Louis Farrakhan