1. Jouvert Mornin

From the recording Oohy Aahy

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Ah keep hearing pum pam pilim pilim pilim
Prrum pam pa lim pilm pilim
Early one morning
While love making
Ah hearing tin te ling te ting ti ting ti ting
Ling ting ting te ling ting ting
Iron ringing
To a steady riddim
Coming dong de street
People chipping to the beat
See you later darling
Tonite we gon finish de ting

Jouvert morning (4 times)
De bottle and spoon talking
Iron ringing ring ting ting
Man we jamming
From two until morning
Jouvert morning (4 times)

Man as soon as a reach inside the band
This sexy Trini woman
In a g string short pants
Ge me all she bam bam
See me in me pyjama
Rum sack on me shoulder
Vat a sippin sippin
Anna grindin grindin
Canaval fever oui
Got me going crazy
We feeling Irie
Whinin got we basody

Chorus 2
Jouvert morning (4 times)
Dis is canaval
Big big baccanal
Man we wont stop at all
Even if we fall

It’s half pass 10 in de morning
Still we fetting and we jamming
We going insane
It’s Jouvert morning
Me woman catch me in de band
Whining on a woman
Ah tell she don’t dig notting
It’s a jouvert ting
Man Richie how could you?
Monkey see monkey do
Den she grab on a man
And give him serious jam

Chorus 3
Jouvert Mornin (4 Times)
Ah see a big big man
In pumps and he kang
One wid a pow on he head
And one in a bead spread

It is so amazing hearing the variety with such authenticity”

— Louis Farrakhan