1. Feed me

From the recording Oohy Aahy

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My heart is yearning
For you my darling
Too long I’ve been missing
Some good ole loving
For you I’m starving
Worsa than Marvin
I’m in desperate need
Baby please come spoon feed

Feed me
Come feed me
Feed me
Come feed me
Pot pon fire
A bubble anna simmer
Hold tight darling
You dinner ah coming
Chef boy o pleasure
Fulfill you order
I deliver every time

Can’t wait another minute
Without you loving in it
Taking good care of me
With magical TLC
Please rush on over
Or me vice-versa
Dis burning desire
Can’t take it any longer

Chorus: repeat
Me garn through de door
One second no more
Soon come with a pot a sweet cooking galore
Season just right
Fe you big appetite
Served in proportion
Fe total satisfaction
You starving worsa dan Marvin
Full course so baby start dinning
Excited by de appetizer
Main course soon come
Me know you can’t wait no longer
Fantastic romantic umm dam good
Second and third ah me a de food
Belly full gut bus full up tired and happy
Food hit de spot hope it was good Fe you baby

This aching feeling
Is so overwhelming
I’m gonna loose my mind
Please get here in time
Oh you’re here baby
Please serve me dearly
Ooh so tingly so tasty
Don’t ever stop feeding me

Chorus: Repeat

So if you hungry love
Tek a look look
No need no recipe
Nor a book
Betty Crocker or chef boy o d
Dem no have a ting pon me me.

It is so amazing hearing the variety with such authenticity”

— Louis Farrakhan