1. Lie

From the recording Oohy Aahy

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Man would rinse out you ear with lyrics
Call you queen empress and princess
Kill you with lots a kindness
Just to get a little piece a you salt fish
Promise you Guess and Gucci
Fancy car and jewelry
As he get a piece a you punany
Man he gone just like Houdini

Most man lie
Lie lie lie
Ah don’t know why
Why man lie
Most man lie
Lie lie lie
Ah don’t know why
Why man lie

Pon him neck you see a hicky
Him say no! A mosquito de bite me
Catch him in a bed with Jackie
Like Shaggy say it wasn’t me
Him say dat you are de one and only
When him have a wife and three pickney
Pon de back seat you find a panty
He say he x-girl trying to frame he

Pon him collar you find lipstick
He say dat come from me sister big lips
Phone number inna he wallet
A partner ge me to keep it
De condom inna he pocket
Ah want us to try it
De extra movie ticket
Ah went twice man it was a good flick

Some claim say that de run tings
A how high de wife does be asking
But every minute dem a check in
As de wife call ah coming darling
Female scent inna de room
Dat come from me cousin June
Cheap perfume on me clothes
Say he was hugging aunty Rose

Quick to give cellular and beeper
I ain’t got no House number
Call all day no Answer
A forget me beeper me cellar pon charger
Jackie say last night she red
Ready fe murder de spread
Say you couldn’t raise de dead
So she went inna she purse instead

It is so amazing hearing the variety with such authenticity”

— Louis Farrakhan