1. Oohy Aahy

From the recording Oohy Aahy

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Whole night she eyeing my ride
Like she want a test drive
Ah tell she step on inside
And give it a try
Keys in she ignition
Turn she engine on
Jam her favorite song
As we head dong tong
When we hit the freeway
Ah hear de woman say

Oohy Aahy (Repeat 2 times)
It’s a nice ride
Ah love it inside
Oh what a feeling
Ah love you driving
Oohy Aahy(Repeat 2 twice)

Recline and buckle up baby
It’s gonna get ruff and bumpy
Am in and out de traffic
Pushing it to the limit
She holding on to the stick
With every gear I shift
Dis is terrific
The way you working it
Don’t stop max it
Me say fe drive it drive it

You’re a master
Master driver
So much pleasure
Beyond Measure

She beg me go a little faster
Push de peddle much harder
Taking she whe she wahn go
And we fogging up de window
Taking every corner
With full horse power
She a scream anna halla
Scratching up me good leather
Trembling like a leaf
Richie dis is too sweet

Hit de fast lane
Drive me insane
Bouncing up and dong
Having so much fun

It is so amazing hearing the variety with such authenticity”

— Louis Farrakhan