1. Bull

From the recording Oohy Aahy

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A big big argument
From a next door apartment
Ah hearing bull, pure, pure bull
Between a fella and he girlfriend
Fore day last weekend
Ah hearing bull, pure pure bull
Cook and wash for you
Tek care a you pickney too
Always there for you
Faithful and true
Now look what you gone and do
Sleep wid Simone and sue
Am so sad and blue
Man a sick of you

Me sick and me tired ah dis
Ah can’t tek no more ah de
Enough man is enough ah de
Said ah had it up to here wid you
You lying bull
You cheating bull
You whoring bull
You boring bull
(Repeat first part)

Me say you love me and you care
Can never find you near
Dis is bull
Ah tell you its bull
Too tired or too busy
To spend time with me
Dis is bull
Pure pure bull
Ah pay you bill
Tend to you ill
Put you in me will
Still you horn me with Jill
No appreciation
Respect no attention
It seems like emotion
Is too much to mention

Chorus (2)
You lying
In and out

Ah mek up me mind
Wasted too much precious time
Dis is bull
Pure pure bull
Nine years now a waiting
Still no engagement ring
Dis is bull
Pure pure bull
When last you send me a rose
Buy me some fancy clothes
Not even a picture show
You wouldn’t let us go
You forget yesterday
Was my birthday
Only when you want to lay
You say the things you should say

You late night
Fus fight
You uptight
Fuss and fight

It is so amazing hearing the variety with such authenticity”

— Louis Farrakhan