1. Uhu

From the recording Oohy Aahy

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I can tell by the look in your eyes
You’ve been starving
Try me and realize
That I’m what you missing
Baby Girl I’m your prize
For sexual healing
My soul sings my heart cries
To kill you with loving.

You buc up on de right man baby
Uhu uhm
You buc up on the right man baby
Uhu Uhm
Repeat chorus

Baby girl I’m your treat
I’m so hard to beat
Cover you from head to feet
My love is complete
Turn a lady in the streets
To a freak in the sheets
My loving is so sweet
Make you bring out your freak.

Baby girl you turn me on
Even as we speak
Come on let’s get it on
Let’s turn up the heat
Whatever you desire
I’ll give it to you
I’ll put out your fire
Make your dreams come true.

It is so amazing hearing the variety with such authenticity”

— Louis Farrakhan