From the recording Oohy Aahy

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Me partner Crying on the phone
Telling me Ritchie tings isn’t nice at home
We aren’t tight like times before
All the niceness gone outside de door
Ah tell he, tell her I love you
Baby I need you
Give her attention
Love and affection

Handle you Business (4 TIMES)
Plenty TLC
Make she feel sexy
Caress her body
Where she feel tingly
Handle you business (4 times)

You always leaving her at home
Out all night and day pon de roam
Instead of hanging with de boys and them
Stay home with you woman one weekend
Time love and tenderness
Kill she with kindness
Surprise her with little gifts
Take she on a special trip

Handle you business (4 times)
Candle light dinner
Shower together
Daily you pamper her
Take you woman and cuddle her
Handle you business (4 times)

If you want her to be your wifey
You must treat like a lady
You have to keep she satisfied
Otherwise she’ll look for love outside
Put your woman first
Never let her thirst
Let your sweetness
Be her weakness

Handle your business (4 Times)
When she want it
Body slam it
How she want it
Make it ecstatic
Handle you business (4 times)

It is so amazing hearing the variety with such authenticity”

— Louis Farrakhan