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The Newwww CD

The Newwww CD

Welcome The versatile,wonderful and entertaining Caribbean musical sensation.
Welcome to Universal Xpression the choice for an excellent Reggae and soca show. Over the years, our goal has been to ensure the complete entertainment of every audience by offering non-stop and stunning performances at our clients affairs.We know that you have your own choice of music and we appreciate it. Our hope is that you'll feel confident in our ability to meet all your expectations as our audiences are always our number one focus.We have been making memories in America,Canada,the Caribbean and other parts of the world with our music. We have performed for a vast number of clients, both business and social. Our vast repertoire of originals and cover songs can please just about any audience with the pulsating sounds Reggae,Soca,Zouk,R&B and African music.Our job is to create the party of your dreams. Let our years of experience treat you to a most possitive,exciting and enjoyable moment in time.

    This awesome four-member Detroit based group features the talents and creativity of prolific songwriter, arranger and energetic showman Richard ‘Richie B’ Parris on keyboards, lead and background vocals. Keeping the pulse is the natural and flamboyant Noel Parris on drums. The Genius Oliver (Pluto) Mensah solidifies the foundation with his remarkable feel on the bass and lead vocals. Complimenting the rhythm section, is the amazing Avi Kayne with his nifty strums and leads.This marvelous group provides an amazing and energetic musical and theatrical treat.Universal Xpression uplifts and captivates its audiences with Caribbean rhythms with a groove and a beautiful sound with a universal appeal.



Double Celebration


Bob Marley Birthday Bash/Black History Month

Real bob hut

After Carnival Jump up

24 th


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    Bob Marley Earthstrong


    Sweetness the long awaited Cd from Richie B


    16th Annual Bob Marley Birthday Bash

    Real bob aa

    Yard Media

    New release

    Parris Fine Fragrances

    Buis 2

    Jerk/Curry Fest/ 2013


    Glow Party

    Universalcarribean32013proof56 glow

    Glow (White Party)


    Caribbean Cruise


    Caribbean Cruise 2012


    Caribbean Dinner Cruise

    Detroit's only Caribbean Cruise

    Detroit's only Caribbean Cruise

    A night to remember

    A night to remember

    Bob Marley/Black History Bash

    Bob Marley/Black History Bash

    Monthly Intimate stop @ Jamaica Paradise

    14TH Annual Caribbean Cruise

    14TH Annual Caribbean Cruise

    New Album entitled Reality 

    Universal Xpression is about to release a smashing new CD entitled Reality.This long awaited album has insight,variety,depth,fun,rhythm and innovation.There is a heavy emphasis on consciousness and compelling rhythmic styles that spans African,soca,reggae,zouk and Salsa.There is something for every one to dance,be awakened and to be touched.Tracks like count my blessings, Crucial,seek God first, Live life,show me the money and thank you for the conscious.Good love and good for the lovers,move is for the high energy party people,we ain't leaving,fire and I'm a Nevisian are nice groovey soca that would have you dancing beyond control.
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